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European Business Database


At www.europeanbusinessdatabase.com we are expert in providing visually impactful, fast, easy and affordable corporate profile to increase your brand identity and catapult your brand to new heights that it deserves. Our turnkey solution provides 360 degree solution to your online marketing and branding need. We help your brand grow through our services by offering a variety of Digital Services of all sizes across all industries.


With our service you will be able to Optimize Customer Experiences at your website, communicate your services efficiently and Deliver Better Business Outcomes. Companies now need solutions that allow collaborative customer relationship management – an approach in which all departments share all information they collect from customer interactions, for a 360 degree view of the customer.


European Business Database Web exhibition Bulgaria 2016 National Campaign


Visit European Business Database Web exhibition 2016 National Campaign which allows you to connect with Top Bulgarian companies from Manufacturers, Service providers and Distributors. This exhibition will help you promote your products and services more effectively. Start date of this exhibition is March 1, 2016 to December 24th 2016 over the Internet. So create your corporate profile with us and help your make business to grow across the internet


Why Us


We have 6 years of experience. We have huge database of Top Bulgarian companies which enable you to connect with them more efficiently. Just register with us and get access to all top Bulgarian companies.

Also if you wish to register your company with us and create a corporate profile to boost your online presence them our professional team of developers will ensure that you get Creative - Easy - Quick – Affordable service when they engage with you. We will help you create a visually impactful product where each page is created with an intention to build the confidence your customer needs to buy your services


Our comprehensive full – fledged services combined with unique imagination capabilities of our team will help you analyze and foresee the behaviour of your end users you aim to target. Our skilful and experienced developer and designers will ensure that your company’s profile communicate your information to a wide spectators, who then are easily able to buy your product and services.  We work with you till the point you are completely satisfied with the end result

European Business Database

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